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    At the beginning, after our ape-man clan landed on this planet, we lived in peace with humans for a long time. Unfortunately, after the war, 28 of us were scattered. The old man of war said with emotion.

    And it was this turn that cleverly avoided the five plasma cannons that struck, and even felt the space tremble slightly when the plasma cannon passed the Huberian.

    Yuyi Ningmeng glanced at the huge nine-tailed Firefox in the sky, and nodded fiercely as if making up his mind. For the mage, she had seen a lot of goodbyes, but she didn't expect to come to her so soon.

    In border places like ours in Jiuzhaigou, there are not even a few mid-level mages in the trial meeting. Zhang Qiang heard that he is going to enter the trial meeting as a trainee judge. What do you think?

    At the last moment, the convoy drove back to the air chamber, and a bumpy head fell. Elizabeth rushed back with a loud shout and picked up the head.


    Our school is not easy to survive in this game, so bullying us is indeed too much. I will visit it myself.



    When they first played the firework art, they died no less than 100 times on the first day, but as the insect swarms became less and less, their pressure became less and less, and victory was at hand.


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