I get asked fairly often, do you accept gifts to show appreciation for your feet and you going barefoot all over?


Yes!  It makes me feel a bit sheepish posting it this way, but, money makes the world go around, and quite frankly, I’d love to have a lifestyle filled with nothing but going barefoot, posting pics and videos of those barefoot adventures, and visiting fans/friends. Donations would make that a LOT more feasible.

So, here are two ways you can show your appreciation and help me reach my goal of becoming a full-time barefoot personality traveling the country and sharing my feet:

  1.  Support my YouTube channel.  There is a link on my main channel page to “Support this channel”, donations would be lovely and I’ll give you a shout-out in my next video if you do!


2.  Google wallet.  Simply send a donation to dashleydriveby@gmail.com

So, that’s that.  I promise to put any donations to good use.  I have a few trips planned this summer, but would want to take many more.

Consider it a neat way to buy me a drink.  🙂