Its summer in Milwaukee – what better time to start up my brand new Dashley Driveby Barefoot Tour Guide service!!


That’s right – I’ll guide you through some cool places and be your travel companion – and be barefoot the entire time!  Whether we are out for a quick bite to eat, taking in the lakefront, or strolling through some neighborhood shops, I’ll be completely barefoot.  I’ll be sure to take a few pics along the way to post, and you can take some personal pics of me for mementos.

Here are a few package ideas and prices – but I am open for suggestions:

Barefoot Breakfast – $50

I’ll meet you at one of the many cool coffee shops in the Milwaukee area and we can chat, from there, we’ll go for a stroll, perhaps to the lakefront, or to some shops, depending on the neighborhood vibe.

Weekend Errands – $75

Need to go to Home Depot?  The Post Office?  Target?  All these trips can be so boring. Why not let me tag along in my bare feet?  I’m fun to have around, and my feet will get nice and dirty going through all these stores!

Lunch! – $75

A great workday break.  I’ll meet up with you dressed to the nines for work, but barefoot as can be, for some lunch and conversation.  From there I can show you around to some of my lunch break activities that break up my workday.

Night on the town!! – $150

We’ll meet for drinks, do some bar-hopping, or if you’re in a more quiet mood, we’ll find a place for dessert/coffee.  My feet will be tired by the evening, so I may need a foot rub.  Perhaps you can help?

Not from Milwaukee??  I’d love to come visit – let’s plan something!!

Email to book a barefoot meet-up today!!